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August 2022

Technology, Conservation, and Travel

Unchained Elephants is a cause-based NFT art project built on three pillars:

1. Rescuing Elephants – A significant portion of the money Unchained Elephants is raising through their NFT collections goes to freeing elephants who are working in the tourism industry and moving them to ethical sanctuaries.

2. Benefiting Travelers – A travel club is developed to give tourists access to discounts and unique experiences in Thailand for a project that aims to have long-lasting impacts. By holding an Unchained Elephants NFT, travelers have access to this club.

3. Raising Awareness – By centering their project around this cause, travelers can better understand how to support elephants and other wildlife when they travel.

We were brought on to help spread awareness in the travel space, conservation community, and NFT world in advance of their October 2022 launch. To do so, we assisted with a number of public relations activities and marketing promotion.

We were able to support their efforts through a multi-pronged media approach over several months. 

By producing an interview, we not only help to introduce the Unchained Elephants idea to our own audience of tourism and travel professionals, but we give them marketing collateral that can be shared in future outreach.

From a number of themed blog posts around the use of NFTs in the conservation space, how royalties in NFTs work, and how innovative hotels are using NFTs, we were able to raise Unchained Elephant’s profile. In addition to developing content strategy for their own site, the work included article writing and placement on Travel Daily Media, a renowned travel news portal.

Finally, through email sequence revision, pitch decks, and coordinating meetings with regional tourism offices, we helped provide a consistent, clear voice in outreach across mediums.

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