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Long Run Travel


Long Run Travel


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January 2023

Building A Close-Knit Community Around Long-Distance Running

Long Run Travel aims to be the leading resource for international running experiences, from run retreats to hut-to-hut trail adventures and more. Over the last month, we went from conception to design to launch on a fully-fledged brand.

To create the Long Run Travel brand, it was important to identify a target market and a visual style that would capture travel, long-distance running, and some of the world’s most scenic locales.

Now, the brand specializes on promoting three distinct type of run travels:

  • Run Adventures – Also known as run holidays or run vacations, these are trips that combine the joys of running with the thrills of exploring a new place.

  • Run Camps – These are for the runners that want to use their trip to improve their skills and test themselves on new terrains.

  • Run Retreats – These run trips are focused on both running and relaxation. Often set in a nicer venue, they also feature restorative elements like yoga, hiking, and plenty of quiet time in nature.

Project Overview