Digital Reputation Management in Mombasa

Humphrey Ndungu Tours


Humphrey Ndungu Tours


Brand Identity & Website Development


Tour Operator


September 2020

Digital Tools For A Tour Guide's Success

When I first met Humphrey, I was on a weekend trip through Kenya. We met to do a tour of Fort Jesus in Mombasa. After immediately hitting it off – but recognizing I didn’t have much time left in Kenya before having to return back to Rwanda (and then to the US) – I asked if I could keep supporting him remotely.

That first contact led to a great digital collaboration that saw our team supporting him by developing his brand identity, launching a website, and creating a digital strategy that would take him from 206th on TripAdvisor…

To number one on TripAdvisor. Oh yeah, and he’s still #1 today.


With more than 200 reviews over the last two years, Humphrey’s been able to leverage his digital reputation into higher rates on Viator and TripAdvisor, additional tours, and more opportunities.

We couldn’t be happier for his success, and encourage you to stop by and say hi the next time you’re in Mombasa!