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Gorilla Neighbour Guest House


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October 2022

A Modern Website For A Laidback Brand

Modern travelers want information, and they want it fast. Yet a proper guest house, especially one to be used for as the jumping-off point for an East African safari, is about taking it slow.

With those two competing ideas in mind, we worked hand-in-hand with the team to develop the brand identity (including the name and logo) for the Gorilla Neighbour Guest House, a guest house located in Entebbe, Uganda. This was done with care to craft a warm and welcoming personality that features one of the country’s most iconic wildlife – the mountain gorilla – with a clean visual look throughout the website.

Early Successes

Though Gorilla Neighbour Guest House was launched during the tail end of the pandemic, there are many positive signs of the brand’s development.

From decent web rankings for key search rankings, including ones related to Entebbe activities, lodges, and more, Gorilla Neighbour is poised to be a go-to brand for travelers arriving to Uganda in the near future.