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Travel is our chance to connect with the world. By working with purposeful travel brands, we elevate their impact by connecting them to the right travelers.

After all, it’s not just about more. It’s about better.

We’ve had the chance to help hotels, tour operators, and destinations with marketing strategies, web copy, and even international tourism development.


What Our Clients Say



    “As Kikooko Africa Safaris, a tour operator based in Uganda, we had almost no momentum coming out of the pandemic. With the tireless support from Alex and Passport Creative, our fires have been sparked again and we are becoming a well-recognized travel brand in East Africa and throughout Europe. Thanks to the team’s brand development and web writing work, our website traffic is up significantly over any point in the past, we are getting more leads and bookings, and our influence is growing. This growth allows us to do even more with our mission, which is to support the communities in Uganda where we operate. We appreciate the continued support and strategy Alex’s team provides, and we are looking forward to a long partnership.“

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