Tourism Email Series

Americans love email. But is your tourism business sending them the right kind to get them to book?

With the free Tourism Email Series, you’ll learn the basics of tourism email marketing by creating an automatic email series.

Why email? 

Because Americans use their email constantly. Did you know that:

  • Nearly 90% of Americans check their email every day
  • Half of Americans check their email before work.
  • ~50% are open to getting promotional emails on a weekly basis.
  • 82% open the first email a business sends them

With the Tourism Email Series, you’ll learn to write an email series that connects with tourists – using one of their favorite ways of communicating.

Each day, you’ll get an example of an email to write (you can even copy it and use it for yourself – we won’t tell!), an explanation of why it’s important, and best practices for how to write it yourself.

After a week, you’ll have a fully automatic list that sends to tourists right after they sign-up on your site, making it so easy you could even get bookings while you sleep.

This is what else you’ll learn: 

  1. The power of Thank You
  2. How to sell your story
  3. What makes you special
  4. How you solve problems 
  5. How to (tastefully) include testimonials
  6. How to use email to paint a picture
  7. When and how often to sell your products

Ready to use email to reach more tourists? 

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