Defining Your Tourism Brand's Visuals


We spoke about what your tourism brand sounds like. Today, we’ll talk about what your tourism brand looks like. These are your tourism brand visuals.

To start, we can think about a tourism brand being made up of five elements:

  1. Consistency
  2. Logo
  3. Typography
  4. Color
  5. Imagery

Why Your Tourism Brand Visuals Should Be Consistent

Like using the same tone of voice in addressing your audience, staying consistent helps your future customers and clients recognize who you are. It creates trust. And as they get closer to the day of experiencing what it is you do - and then ultimately having that experience - that consistency will continue to create positive feelings.

Which is not just nice for them - it’s key for you to be able to create a successful, recurring business.

How To Think About Your Tourism Brand’s Logo

A logo is the graphical representation of your brand identity. It’s the apple for Apple. The swoosh for Nike. And it goes everywhere: on your tour company’s shirts, the profile picture for your social media accounts, and when your city gives your company a shoutout on their official page.

That last one is especially key: your logo will often be used outside of your own promotional materials, so you’ll need to really commit to one.

Aim for something simple, classic, and identifiable.

The Quick And Dirty Tips For Tourism Typography

Fonts can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever opened up Word, Google Docs, or Photoshop and scrolled through all the fonts, you know there are more options than you’ll have a use for.

So here’s what you absolutely need:

  1. Have a primary font for headers and titles. Generally speaking, sans serif fonts are easier to read.
  2. Have a secondary font for paragraph text. A serif font will help for larger chunks of text. 
  3. Stick to 1 and 2.

The rewards for sticking to your preferred two fonts are consistency and brand recall. The penalties for switching often aren’t serious… but it’ll look lazy and unprofessional.

Plus, whenever you can automate something for your business, you should consider it. Save time by not picking a new font every single time.

My advice? Set it and forget it with your two go-to fonts.

How To Pick The Colors For Your Tourism Brand

First, a word of warning for tourism brands attracting international audiences. Though there are plenty of resources online that suggest the meaning and significance of certain colors, these are often based in a certain culture. And no two cultures are exactly alike.

Red, for example, can mean love, fear, fertility, death, or, as in Thailand, Sunday.

Blue can represent serenity, depression, masculinity, or femininity, or Friday (Thailand again).

So, the first step would be to be mindful of the use of colors in your own region. From there, you can feel comfortable using these best practices with respect to logo colors:

  1. Use 1-3 primary colors: red, yellow, blue
  2. Use 2-3 secondary colors: orange, green, violet

As with fonts, simplicity is often your best bet. If you’d like to go with just one primary color, that can work, too.

And For The Rest Of The Visuals

Visuals are especially important for a tourism brand where a big part of the process is about engaging and inspiring their travel. Using visuals as often as possible is crucial. 

Like you created a cheat sheet for your tone of voice, similar guidelines can help here with imagery as well as you figure out the right mix of promotional shots, photos featuring people, and pictures of the destination. We’ll get more into the mix of imagery and visuals tomorrow.


Today’s exercise:

Let’s have a little fun with the logo, typography, and color. Give Canva’s free logo maker tool a try. If you’ve already got a logo, this could be good practice for your next business, or helping a friend with theirs.

Try and follow some of the guidelines above and see how you do with two main fonts, limited colors, and a simple, classic idea.

Next up, we’ll dive more into the visuals of your tourism brand and how what you share can help tell your story.

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