When I heard my name shouted over the airport loudspeaker, I knew I’d miss my plane.

Because I was on the phone, on the other end of the plane terminal in Ecuador, finishing up an interview with an animation studio in Los Angeles.

I had planned the interview down to the minute, figuring I had just enough time to take advantage of my layover between two volunteer trips, one in Ecuador and the other in Costa Rica.

The problem that I had was a good one… the interview was going too well.

We just kept talking.

And then I heard my name.

I politely excused myself, thanked her for her time, and set the phone back in its cradle. (This was the time before cell phones with international plans).

And then I ran.

Like every movie scene of anyone running through an airport, my bags flopped everywhere, my hair bopped, and my heart raced.

Then I got to the gate, and I made it – just barely – and found my seat, heart still racing, breath ragged.

And, as I’d come to find out a few weeks later… I got the job.

Not too shabby for a layover.

Making The Most Of It

Layovers are that funny time between what we left behind and what we’re going to.

Sometimes they’re forty minutes, barely enough time to get from one terminal to the next, leaving us dazed and flustered, impatient and frazzled.

Sometimes they’re fourteen hours, more than enough time to get out into the city to grab a local dinner and a good night’s sleep.

But always there’s the question of what to do with them.

How do we make the most of our layovers?

Introducing The Layover

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