The Layover

Use your downtime to get ahead

  • Traditionally, a layover is a stop between flights, sometimes thirty minutes, sometimes thirty hours
  • It’s that time between where you’ve been and where you’re going
  • And how you spend that time could very well shape everything that comes next

How one little email could change everything

  • With that in mind, I decided to set out and create an email that could fill in the gaps in our day, a short, 5-10 minute read full of ideas, tricks and techniques related to travel, tourism, and marketing
  • So sure, you can fill your layover up with the same old things…
  • Or you can push forward with a weekly series designed to make you better.

What to expect in each installment of The Layover

  • True stories of tourism companies doing it right
  • Lessons learned from real life experiences
  • Best practices and the latest trends on social media, marketing, and branding
  • … and more

What should you do now?

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