Expecting too much from the best croissant in Paris

Expecting too much from the best croissant in Paris

La Maison d’Isabelle in Paris was voted to have the Best Croissants (in Paris) in 2018.

And so we went to have one.

Even though, historically speaking, I haven’t really liked croissants.

(I’m flaky enough as it is.)

But still, I agreed. 

Best croissants in a city known for croissants must mean something, right?

Besides, I am an American who falls prey to roadside attractions like Biggest Ball of Yarn and Mystery Spot.

Of course I’m going to fall for the Best Croissant (in Paris) from 2018.

We were barely at the counter to order before they knew our order.

(Though they do have printed on their storefront that they won Best Croissant in 2018, in case you hadn’t heard.)

So we bought one, along with a sandwich, and pain au chocolat (the superior pastry).

We found ourselves a seat at the park outside of Shakespeare & Co., and bit in.

It was, as you may have expected, a pretty decent croissant.

But it was, as I expected it would be, still a croissant.

(What’s the deal with all the butter?)

Expectations and reality can be tricky. 500 Days of Summer knew something about it.

For me, I let my expectations set my reality. I knew what I’d get out of my croissant-eating experience. 

Then I spent my moments of croissant-eating just waiting to be allowed to have my pain au chocolat.

After being told I’d be getting the best croissant, my attitude assured that I would not let it be the best croissant (in my continually waged war against croissants).

But croissants aside, how we go into something affects what we get out of it. 

As much as expectations cannot change how I feel about croissants, our expectations can shape our reality.

With that in mind, it’s clear that how we promote ourselves, how we celebrate our wins and how we navigate our disappointments all play into the expectations others have about their experience with us.

Those expectations that will become a reality once they visit. 

And those realities, thanks to social media, then go onto shape the expectations of your next group of customers, tourists, and more.

Recently voted the #1 tour? Best hotel? Butteriest croissant? Fourth Michelin star?

Then you’ll be approached with those expectations. 

And only you can make that reality a fulfilling one.

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Alex Jeffries is the founder of Passport Creative. An award-winning producer and writer, he is now dedicated to tourism communication and development. He is based in Paris, France.

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