I’ve had the good fortune to work with committed, creative folks from all over the world. I’ve listed a few of their testimonials below. For more work or references, feel free to get in touch.

“It’s always nice falling on a hard-working and down-to-earth person who understands human communications and adapts to the person’s needs. Alex ensured to understand my request and take his time to deliver everything on time & with professionalism.” – Henry, France

“Alex is top-notch. Our agency needed a copywriter to jump in on a project ASAP and Alex not only jumped in but stayed in touch as we moved the new copy from one stakeholder to the next. Super collaborative, very imaginative and really great copy!” – Kevin, Maryland, USA

“Alex is simply a great and creative writer. My work required much more than a simple description, and I was very satisfied with how he took my guidelines and created a unique and constant tone of voice.” – Ori, Germany

“There’s nothing better than finding a copywriter who genuinely immerses himself in the essence of the product that he is writing about. Another consistent and fast quality delivery, done in one go.” – Martin, Singapore

“My experience with Alex was TOP NOTCH. I got email copy that I’m proud of using, that sounds like our brand (which is my voice) and that is just what we needed. I can’t wait to work with them again.” –
Deanna, Oregon, USA

“WOW! My words cannot describe how impressed I am, but Alex’s can. Super short turnaround and far exceeded my expectations. Definitely working with him again.” Allan, Kentucky, USA

“Amazing copywriting, I would definitely recommend. I am thinking about firing my copywriter and going with Alex from now on!” – Erik, Netherlands

“His work is amazing! Understood exactly when I needed, very easy to work with. We will definitely work together again soon!” – Herman, Canada

“Alex is phenomenal. I was very satisfied with the result he brought us.” – Ken, Slovakia