Kikooko Africa Safaris


Even established companies can use a refresh to make sure the branding of the product captures the beauty of their destination.


Kikooko Africa Safaris has been providing tours throughout East Africa – with a focus in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania – for years. Yet since the pandemic, booking inquiries had dropped off.

Working together over the course of a month, we decided to design a more experience-forward website – with a special interest on tour names that were both succinct and imaginative. 


Through a collaborative process, we rewrote all 24 currently available tours, from the titles down to the descriptions – and then had them translated into German.

Alongside their fresh new website design, they were able to secure several new bookings in the first months, and are eyeing a successful growth from here.

The Refreshed Tour Names

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Kikooko Tour Names

Kikooko Tour Names

Kikooko Tour Names