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Turning real-life results into digital success is a matter of creating systems.


As a tour guide, Humphrey was hustling every day to find tourists outside of Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya. He lacked the technological support and the systems to log all the happy tourists he was working with.

Through a multi-pronged approach, we helped Humphrey set up a clear offer through TripAdvisor and his own website, Humphrey Tours, to give his brand legitimacy and to raise his international profile.


Over the course of six months (during the Covid-19 pandemic, no less!), Humphrey’s consistent efforts and his new digital home paid off. The system we developed allowed him to send tourists directly to his website to leave reviews, leading to a slow, steady march to become the number one tour in Mombasa.

That in turn allowed us to raise his prices, launch a second tour, and helped him establish Humphrey Tours as a leading tour company for Mombasa city tours.

The TripAdvisor Page for Humphrey Ndungu Tours

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Humphrey’s Success by the Numbers