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For many tourism providers, all the pieces they need are already there. It’s about how you put them together.


Heaven is a successful group of hotels and restaurants on a tree-lined street in Kigali, Rwanda. They’ve trained well over 1,500 Rwandans in hospitality. And they’re internationally known, often hosting celebrities, politicians, and other renowned figures.

When I joined them, they had no tour company, yet they saw each day as their guests were whisked away by other local groups. While they had no tour company, they did have sturdy 4x4s, as well as phenomenal driver-guides. We set out to use those valuable pieces to create Heaven Tours.


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With a month of concentrated work, we were able to define, launch, and promote five Kigali city tours: 

  • The Kigali City Tour, Half and Full Day Editions
  • The Kigali Fashion Tour
  • The Kigali Culinary Tour
  • The Kigali Arts & Community Tour
  • The Nature in Kigali

This gave Heaven a way to utilize their existing vehicles and guides, offer an additional service to their guests, and create revenue to help support the growth of the business. 

Since then, Heaven has expanded to offer tours to all of Rwanda’s national parks.

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