The right story to grow your brand beyond borders.

Whether it’s for your business or your bio, finding the just-right words is a time-consuming task. Yet finding a way to communicate our brand is increasingly more important.

In both the professional and personal spaces, how we represent ourselves matters. 

Initially it can be tricky to understand the impacts of our personal representation, so let’s take a look at a broader idea first: the importance of branding.

Just how important is a brand for a business? Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • 88% – Consumers say that authenticity is important
  • 46% – Consumers would pay more for brands they trust
  • 33% – How much consistent presentation of a brand can increase revenue

As an award-winning television producer and copywriter, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to get your audience’s attention right away.

When you say what they’ve been waiting to hear – to solve a problem they don’t want to, to relieve a pain they can’t – they’re yours.

… but when you say the same thing everyone else says, they’re lost.

Whether you’re hoping to enchant an audience of millions or you love your smaller niche, we’ll work with you to deliver just what you need.

If you’re looking for:

  • Help writing about page
  • A brand story
  • A bio
  • A contact us
  • To revitalize your website

… then you’re in the right place.

Together, let’s take the first step to your happy ending with fun, fresh copy.

Introduce yourself to the world, share what makes you great, and bring them along the journey.

Alex was amazing. I asked him to write a personal bio for my business website. He came back with a few questions, and then delivered exactly what I was looking for, in a voice similar to mine, but more professional and organized. I’ll definitely be using him for any writing assignments that come up in the future. He was great.

Michael Mahone

Our 3-Step Branding Process

Step 1: Your Story

We help you tell the story that only you can.

Through an in-depth interview and questionnaire, we capture what sets you apart.

Step 2: Your Voice

Speak to your customers like they speak.

In understanding your target audience, we develop a brand voice they’ll respond to.

Step 3: Your Success

It’s time to tell your brand story.

A brand story is told each time you speak with customers. We’ll help you with strategies to leverage this power.


Brand story


Discovery Call

Brand Story Development
[250-to-500 words]

Unlimited Revisions
[1 week]

most popular

Brand identity


Discovery Call

Brand Story + Content Development
[up to 1,000 words]

Unlimited Revisions
[1 week]

Brand Storyteller


Monthly Strategy Call

2 x Emails
[up to 300 words]

2 x 1,000-word blogs
[great for LI, company blog, etc.]

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, of course. The packages above are meant as guidelines. If you’d like to let us know more about your unique situation, get in touch and we can work out an arrangement that works for you.

Do you offer à la carte services (just newsletter management, for example)?

Yes. Schedule a call and we’d be happy to find out just what services you need.

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