Case Study


Client Overview

We take pride in providing innovative digital marketing solutions to our clients. One such successful collaboration was with Travelpayouts, a renowned digital partnership platform that empowers travel bloggers and content creators to monetize their work by recommending trustworthy travel brands. They sought our expertise to engage their vast user base of over 50,000 subscribers through strategic email marketing campaigns.

Category: Email Marketing


Travelpayouts wanted to create and optimize emails that would nurture leads, introduce new offers, promote their products and webinars, highlight exciting deals, and address technical issues while increasing open rates and fostering engaging content. They required around 20 emails each month covering a diverse range of topics and a recap digest.

Our Strategy

We devised a multifaceted approach to tackle the challenge of improving open rates and creating engaging email content. First, we crafted three distinct subject lines and preheaders for each email and tested their effectiveness. We identified the most successful combinations and integrated them into future email subject lines, ensuring higher chances of captivating the recipients’ attention.

Additionally, we closely monitored click-through rates and fine-tuned the inclusion of buttons and links within the emails. This approach aimed to enhance engagement and encourage recipients to take desired actions.

Examples of our collaborative work can be seen in the following links:

  1. Travelpayouts – May Monthly Digest
  2. Travelpayouts – June Monthly Digest


The fruits of our efforts were impressive. In the first two months of collaboration, our campaigns achieved an outstanding open rate of 32.48% on over 120,000 sent emails and 29.20% on over 294,000 sent emails. It is essential to note that these rates well exceeded the industry average for Travel and Transportation, which stands at 20.44%.

Our results remained exceptional even as we ramped up the frequency, sending 29 separate email campaigns initially and later expanding to 54 different campaigns to audiences of varying sizes. Despite the slight dip in open rates with the larger volume of emails (over 170,000 additional emails), we surpassed the industry benchmark significantly.


The partnership with Travelpayouts showcased the power of strategic email marketing and content creation. By focusing on subject line optimization, engaging content, and careful tracking of metrics, we were able to elevate Travelpayouts’ email marketing performance to new heights. With our dedication and expertise, Travelpayouts achieved outstanding open rates and effectively nurtured and retained their extensive user base.

We are thrilled with the results we achieved for Travelpayouts, and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

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