Case Study

Loving New York

Client Overview

Loving-NewYork has built a reputable platform offering comprehensive guides for planning NYC trips, exploring the city's attractions, purchasing appropriate NYC passes, and navigating the urban landscape effectively. With a steady influx of tourists and travelers eager to experience the magic of NYC, the client understood the importance of maintaining their position as an authoritative source for all things related to the city.

Category: SEO, Content Strategy


Given the immense popularity of New York City as a tourist destination, the competition in the online travel blogging domain was fierce. Securing top rankings in search engine results for highly competitive keywords required content that was well-researched and informative and showcased a genuine local’s perspective. 

Our client sought assistance on several specific and highly targeted topics, such as 4th of July celebrations in NYC, Earth Day events, Halloween bars and activities, and location-specific blogs like the One Times Square Observation Deck.

Our Approach

Over eight months, we collaborated closely with Loving-NewYork to develop an effective content strategy tailored to their needs. Our team of passionate travelers and skilled writers embraced the task with enthusiasm and dedication. We conducted in-depth research on each topic to ensure the information presented was accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, we crafted content with a local’s attitude, drawing from our experiences as NYC visitors.

SEO Best Practices

We applied the best SEO practices to each blog post to achieve top rankings in search engine results. We meticulously optimized the content with relevant keywords, meta tags, and well-structured headings. Additionally, we focused on creating high-quality backlinks and internal linking strategies to enhance the blog’s overall search engine visibility.


The collaborative efforts of Loving-NewYork and Passport Creative yielded outstanding results. With our carefully crafted content and meticulous SEO optimization, we achieved number 1 and a consistent page 1 ranking for the highly competitive terms we targeted. Our strategic approach increased Loving-NewYork’s organic traffic and strengthened its position as a leading authority in the NYC travel blogging landscape.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Passport Creative is always a pleasure: the content they create is well researched and written. If you are looking for passionate travelers AND writers, don’t hesitate to contact them!”



Through insightful content creation, SEO expertise, and a genuine passion for travel, Passport Creative successfully helped Loving-NewYork elevate its content strategy and achieve top rankings in the competitive world of NYC travel blogging. The collaboration was marked by dedication, creativity, and shared love for New York City, benefiting millions of travelers seeking authentic and up-to-date guidance for their NYC adventures.

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