Case Study

Long Run Travel

Client Overview

Long Run Travel is a running travel agency that aims to connect runners with unique travel experiences worldwide.

Their services include running trips, running retreats, and running camps.

As a new brand, their main objective was to build a targeted audience of runners and travelers interested in such experiences and establish themselves as authorities in the run travel space.

Category: SEO, Content Strategy

Our Approach

We developed a customized SEO strategy to help Long Run Travel achieve its goals. We began by thoroughly analyzing the existing run travel companies and the keywords they were competing for. This analysis allowed us to identify keywords that would resonate with run travel enthusiasts and individuals seeking run training programs. 

By targeting these keywords strategically, we aimed to create a solid funnel to attract potentially interested travelers. Some keywords we focused on included ‘running retreats 2023,’ ‘Kenya running camps,’ and ’25k training plan.’


We started the implementation process by targeting lower-competition keywords. The idea behind this approach was to establish authority in the niche and build a foundation for future growth. We gained momentum by quickly ranking for smaller running destinations and leveraging those achievements to pursue more competitive domains and keywords. 

This progressive approach allowed us to steadily improve our ranking positions and increase Long Run Travel’s visibility in search engine results.


Our SEO strategy yielded remarkable results for Long Run Travel. Over the last three months, we achieved significant improvements compared to the previous three-month period:

  1. Clicks: We more than doubled the number of clicks Long Run Travel received, indicating increased organic traffic to their website.
  2. Impressions: We tripled their total impressions, substantially boosting their online visibility and exposure to potential customers.
  3. Rankings: Our efforts secured various number-one and page-one rankings for relevant keywords. This ensured that Long Run Travel appeared at the top of search results, garnering higher click-through rates.


Our tailored SEO approach successfully addressed the challenges faced by Long Run Travel as a new company in a new domain. Initially targeting lower competition keywords and then gradually moving towards more competitive ones, we built the company’s authority and online presence, generating increased organic traffic, email sign-ups, and audience growth. 

The substantial improvements in clicks, impressions, and rankings showcase the effectiveness of our strategy in establishing Long Run Travel as a prominent player in the run travel industry. As a result, the client’s goals of building an audience and showcasing their expertise were achieved, setting them on the path to successfully developing their own run tour experiences.

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