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Kikooko Africa Safaris - Social Media

Client Overview

At the outset, Kikooko Africa Safaris approached us, seeking a way to elevate their profile on a different medium, apart from their primary source of inquiries through fairs. Their Instagram account had been dormant, and they were interested in tapping into a younger audience to expand their reach and attract potential clients for their private tailor-made safari tours in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Category: Social Media Management

Understanding the Challenge

One of the initial challenges we faced was understanding the audience’s preferences and interests on Instagram. While Kikooko Africa Safaris was an expert in East Africa tours, we needed to determine whether Instagram users specifically sought East Africa tours or were more interested in broader content related to Africa, wildlife, and adventure activities. 

To overcome this challenge, we devised a multifaceted approach that catered to various audience segments.

Developing the Social Media Strategy

Our team developed a comprehensive social media strategy that encompassed several vital elements to revitalize Kikooko Africa Safaris’ Instagram presence and engage a wider audience:

  1. Consistent Posting Schedule: We devised a regular posting schedule to ensure a steady flow of content that kept followers engaged and attracted new ones.
  1. Attractive Content Mix: We introduced a variety of content formats to appeal to different tastes, including single-image posts to capture attention, informative carousels to educate the audience, and engaging reels to pique curiosity.
  1. Behind-the-Scenes and Animal Facts: To forge a deeper connection with the audience, we integrated behind-the-scenes videos that showcased the team and the essence of safari experiences. Additionally, we shared exciting and lesser-known animal facts to foster intrigue and interaction.

Our Approach

As we moved forward, we continuously analyzed the performance of different content types. We discovered that a blend of broader interest content, animal-specific videos, and glimpses of the team and activities was most effective in attracting warm leads. 

This combination allowed us to attract potential clients at different stages of the decision-making process, resulting in a remarkable 584% increase in growth and interaction compared to our initial three months of collaboration.


With the social media strategy in place, we witnessed remarkable growth and engagement on Kikooko Africa Safaris’ Instagram account for six months:

  1. Follower Growth: The number of followers surged from 473 to over 1,700, a remarkable increase of 261%.
  1. Reels Success: Reels proved to be a game-changer, receiving an average of 10 times more views than previous content. Some videos even crossed 5,000 views, a significant achievement for a local safari operator in East Africa.
  1. Website Traffic and Inquiries: The enhanced Instagram presence translated into tangible results, driving a 202% increase in website traffic and generating more inquiries about their safari tours.

4. Impressive Reach and Engagement: Over a recent 90-day period, the content was seen by a staggering 67,800 accounts and interacted with by 4,127 accounts, reflecting the compelling resonance with the target audience.


Our tailored social media strategy breathed new life into Kikooko Africa Safaris’ dormant Instagram account, helping them reach a younger and broader audience interested in African safaris and adventure. We significantly grew followers, website traffic, and inquiries by crafting a diverse content mix and strategically engaging with potential clients. 


Our continued efforts to adapt and refine the approach allowed us to nurture leads effectively and convert them into enthusiastic travelers ready to embark on their dream safari experience. Through our partnership, Kikooko Africa Safaris established a thriving social media presence, becoming a frontrunner in the East Africa tours and safari industry on Instagram.

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