Case Study

Kikooko Africa Safaris

Client Overview

Kikooko Africa Safaris, a premier tour operator based in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania, has provided private tailor-made safari tours since 2013. However, they faced challenges in reaching a wider audience and expanding their online outreach. Before our intervention, their marketing efforts were limited to travel fairs and word-of-mouth referrals. 

Our task was clear: to increase the traffic to their website and establish a more dependable traffic source through SEO strategies.

Category: SEO, Content Strategy


  1. Increase website visitors and online outreach.
  2. Implement effective SEO best practices on their website.
  3. Develop a consistent blog content strategy to engage users.
  4. Achieve significant growth in website clicks and total impressions.


We began our work with Kikooko Africa Safaris in November 2022 and continued until May 2023. Our first challenge was to overcome the crowded environment of tour companies competing for attention in Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. To stand out, we adopted a two-pronged approach.

1. Unexplored Niche Topics and Comparisons

By researching unexplored niche topics and creating valuable content that compared Kikooko’s offerings with competitors, we captured potential customers’ interest. This helped us rise above the noise and positioned Kikooko as a unique and reliable tour operator.

2. Targeting News and Trending Topics

We targeted news and trending topics related to East African tourist destinations to increase the website’s visibility. By optimizing content around commonly searched keywords such as “best travel destinations 2023” and “East African tourist visa,” we secured 1st-page results on search engines. This placed Kikooko Africa Safaris at the forefront of travelers’ minds, whether researching general interests or preparing for a trip to the region.


The impact of our efforts was profound. Throughout our collaboration with Kikooko Africa Safaris, we achieved remarkable results:


  1. Increased Website Clicks: We witnessed a staggering 208% increase in website clicks, reflecting potential customers’ growing interest and engagement.


  1. Boosted Total Impressions: Kikooko’s website experienced a remarkable 373% change in total impressions, reaching a significantly wider audience than ever before.

Client Testimonial

“As Kikooko Africa Safaris, a tour operator based in Uganda, we emerged from the pandemic with minimal momentum. Thanks to the tireless support from Alex and Passport Creative, our fires have been reignited, and we are now a well-recognized travel brand in East Africa and throughout Europe.

Alex’s team helped us develop our brand and optimize our website content, leading to increased website traffic, leads, and bookings. Our influence is growing, allowing us to fulfill our mission of supporting the communities in Uganda where we operate. We sincerely appreciate the continued support and strategic guidance provided by Alex’s team, and we eagerly anticipate a long-lasting partnership.”


Through our strategic SEO interventions, we successfully helped Kikooko Africa Safaris overcome challenges in a competitive market, significantly increasing website clicks and total impressions. By capitalizing on unexplored niche topics and targeting trending keywords, we positioned Kikooko as a leading tour operator in East Africa. 


The remarkable growth in online outreach and website traffic has empowered Kikooko to fulfill its mission and positively impact local communities in Uganda. As a team, we are proud to have played a crucial role in Kikooko’s journey toward becoming a well-established and reputable travel brand.

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