Case Study

Humphrey Tours

Client Overview

Humphrey, a seasoned Kenyan tour guide with 15 years of experience, specializes in leading immersive tours of Old Town Mombasa and Fort Jesus. Humphrey's dedication to sharing the history and charm of Mombasa through his tours has not only enriched the experiences of travelers but has also elevated the reputation of Humphrey Tours to unprecedented heights.

His tours offer not only informative insights but also personal connections with locals and access to hidden gems.

Guided by Humphrey discover the significance of the Queen's visit through the iconic tusks, and wander through backstreets to gain a deeper understanding of Mombasa's evolution.

Category: Brand Development, Web Design


Before working with Passport Creative, Humphrey did not have an online presence. This meant soliciting tours from tourists walking up to Fort Jesus or hoping for word-of-mouth references from past visitors.

Our Approach

Leveraging our brand development and digital marketing strengths, we put together a one-page tour guide website highlighting Humphrey’s two tours, complemented with the many photos he’s taken with his happy clients over the years (and their positive reviews).


TripAdvisor Ranking: Humphrey Tours experienced a remarkable transformation on TripAdvisor. Starting from a low rank of 196th, the diligent efforts to enhance its online presence, gather positive reviews, and provide exceptional service led Humphrey Tours to achieve and maintain the coveted #1 position for more than two consecutive years.

Price Increase: Through strategic positioning, quality service, and improved reputation, Humphrey Tours was able to increase its tour prices by an impressive 50%. This increase was supported by the enhanced value perceived by customers due to its top-ranking status on TripAdvisor.

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The collaboration with Humphrey Tours showcased the power of a strong online presence and reputation in the tourism industry. By starting from scratch and strategically implementing online marketing efforts, Humphrey Tours achieved exceptional results. The journey from a lack of online visibility to becoming the #1 tour provider on TripAdvisor, along with a significant price increase, demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-executed digital strategy.

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