Travel & Tourism Digital Marketing Packages

How We Create Packages That Help Your Company Get Found By The Right Travelers

Tourism is an interesting industry.

On one hand, there’s a whole group of tourists who buy last-minute deals to fly across the world for the weekend.

On the other hand, foundational documents, including everything from a well-designed digital tourism marketing strategy to a national tourism policy, take time. From weeks to create, months to implement, and even years to see the benefit.

If you’re a business owner in the tourism space, though, you can’t wait years to see an impact.

You’d like to have travelers now.

And yet, without the kinds of sustainable plans that you can implement over the long haul, the shortsighted view can cost you. It might just be the higher cost for paid advertising. Or if you target the wrong travelers, it could be detrimental for your destination.

That’s why we advocate for plans that are built to be implemented over the long haul – with results you’ll start seeing immediately.

And speaking of results… how have we done?

From #1 listings on TripAdvisor to #1 rankings on Google and beyond, your success is our success.

How We Work

At Passport Creative, we help our tourism partners get more interested tourists through a simple, three-step process.

  1. Optimize – Making sure your digital and social properties are following best practices for high-converting pages
  2. Engage – Creating and implementing a content strategy plan to engage with your online visitors
  3. Attract – Executing a sustainable plan month in and month out to build long-term success

Below you’ll find the tools we use to make that happen.

Step 1: Optimize

With a solid foundation, you can build something incredible.

This step is about optimizing your digital & social presence so you can succeed.

On-page keyword analysis and strategy

Lead generation strategy

Site performance monitoring and enhancements

Step 2: Engage

For travelers, the trip planning process is full of questions.

This step is about answering those questions – and ultimately positioning yourself as the answer.

Email sequences and A/B testing

Regular newsletters and audience segmentation

Content development, including blogs, videos, and more

Step 3: Attract

As you rise in the rankings, more travelers find you when looking for their dream trip.

With a sustained effort, your brand can make more travel dreams come true.

SEO content strategy, including blog clusters

Long-tail keyword marketing

Content calendar design and execution



$600 / MOnth
$295 / month

The Perfect Plan For Starting Up

• 5 pages optimized or 1 new sales
• Keyword analysis + site speed recommendations

• 1 monthly newsletter
• 1 product email

• 2-4 blogs (2,000 words total)


$1,030 / MOnth
$545 / month

Ideal For Established Businesses

• 7 pages optimized or 2 product pages
• Keyword analysis + site speed recommendations

• 1 monthly newsletter
• 4 product emails
• Lead gen development

3-6 blogs (3,000 words total)


$1,530 / MOnth
$995 / month

Expand To New Markets

• 7 pages optimized or 2 sales pages
• 1 additional sales page
• Keyword analysis + recommendations

• 1 monthly newsletter
• 4 product emails
• Lead gen development
• Segmented email campaigns

• 4 x 1,000-word blogs
• 3-month rolling content strategy plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the packages available at such a discount?

In years of freelancing, I’ve seen firsthand how much time gets spent in setting up meetings, arranging calls, and other managerial tasks. Then freelancers turn those into billable hours. We believe in putting in the work, so we’ve created a simpler process. We ask for payment in full at the beginning of the month of work, then we set up four weekly deliverables for you. By sticking to a simple, streamlined process with the just-right amount of communication, you pay a fair price for the work that gets delivered.

Can we work together to create a custom package?

Yes, of course. The packages above are meant as guidelines. If you’d like to let us know more about your unique situation, get in touch and we can work out an arrangement that works for you.

Do you offer à la carte services (just newsletter management, for example)?

Yes. Schedule a call and we’d be happy to find out just what services you need.

How long do I have to commit to these packages for?

Just a month. Though you will see the impacts build the more time we spend together, you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract if it’s not right for you.

Will you offer discounts for 6-month deals?

We believe 6 months is the point where consistent effort really starts to show results, so if you’re willing to work with us for that period of time, we’ll take 15% off.

Why do the blog counts vary?

Depending on the subject matter and the amount of competition for the keyword we are targeting, a blog may need more content to be effective. We will take this into account each month as we are planning out your strategy.

I’m ready to sign up. What do I do?

Feel free to introduce yourself and we’ll get going!