How To Talk Tourist

7 Easy Emails That Take Them From Browsing To Buying

Hi. I’m Alex, an award-winning television producer turned international copywriter.

Basically, that means I get to help people and businesses all around the world tell their stories through words and emails.

I launched Passport Creative to help international organizations find creative solutions to their marketing problems. From helping a Colombian coffee company break into the American market to launching a tour company in Kigali, Rwanda, I’ve got a track record of helping good teams do great things.

And what I learned in doing that is how many people are missing out on a really simple chance to connect with travellers.

So I put together a brief guide (it’s just a few pages) designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s called How To Talk Tourist: 7 Emails That Take Them From Browsing To Buying.

What’s it got inside?
+ 7 Emails That Could Transform Your International Business Forever
+ An Automated Series You Could Copy Today
+ How to Pandemic-Proof Your Marketing
+ Why Email Is Proven To Be More Effective Than Social Media
+ This One-Time Effort Will Keep You Busy All Year Long
+ A Step-By-Step Plan for Writing (Even If You Don’t Feel Like It)
+ Prompts To Inspire Your Best Stories
+ A Simple Schedule To Follow (No Thinking Necessary)
+ One Little Trick Tour Agencies and Hotels Could Launch Today To Get More Business
+ And More

The more I talked with people in the tourism and the travel industries, the more I wanted to do something to help them…

And because we’re all dealing with the effects of the global pandemic,  I realized the most important thing to do to help our industry was to share this information… for free.

So I hope you enjoy this and I hope you find it useful.

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