How to sell water

How to sell water

Let me tell you about some really special water.

(No, not Bugs Bunny’s water.)

What if I told you there was a water that was unlike any water in the world.

You think you’ve had good water. 

This water’s not like that.

It’s better.

You know how some water can become the official water of something, like Evian is the official water of Wimbledon, or Aquafina is the official water of Major League Baseball.

This water was the official water of the Viennese Imperial Court.

Maybe you know Mozart?

That’s where he was the Court Composer.

So there’s a pretty good chance Mozart drank this water. 

(You have to stay hydrated while you were composing!)

Okay, okay. 

But what has the water done for me lately, you might be saying.

Well, it’s got the highest magnesium concentration in any drinkable water. 

Wondering what that means?

Some believe it’ll help you with bone density, fatigue, and depression. 

But some scientists think it could save your life. They say magnesium-rich water could prevent millions of deaths each year.


Enough marketing speak.

You want some of this water.

I’ll tell you where this water comes from in just a second.

Before that, I just want to say that if a place can find a way to promote their water, a thing nearly every person on the planet gets every, single day, then I believe you can find a way to promote your tour, your business, or yourself.

(Even if you don’t have Mozart Water.)

Because that’s what Slovenia has done with their therapeutic, healing, wellness water.

(That like any quality luxury product also comes in black.)

But more than anything in the wide-ranging history (even Pegasus shows up at one point), they talk about how it’ll help you feel better.

They show it through doctors and testimonials.

It is, as they say, good for what ails ya.

So with any product, it helps to have history. It helps to package that history (in such a convincing way that even Putin seeks out). And it helps to have a budget.

But when it comes to attracting an audience to our product, our offering, our idea, whatever it is, put them in your story.

It’s easy to think about the work we’ve put into promoting it… or what happens if we fail, and we go home empty-handed. 

But the sure-fire way to connect with anyone is to put them first. 

So if you want to sell water to someone, start by offering them something to drink.

About the author

Alex Jeffries is the founder of Passport Creative. An award-winning producer and writer, he is now dedicated to tourism communication and development. He is based in Paris, France.