Alex Jeffries

Alex Jeffries

Founder & Director

Alex is an American entrepreneur, copywriter, and producer living in Paris.

By drawing on an award-winning background in television production and writing in the United States – along with deep experience in copywriting, SEO, and in tourism – Alex launched Passport Creative as a company to support the development of digital tourism tools and strategies.

What’s important for travel and tourism organizations is attracting the attention of the just-right kind of traveler. More than just ads, that marketing can take the form of applications, emails, websites, and more. Doing that marketing better and more effectively means less waste. Less waste means more time and energy spent developing the destination – and making sure travel and tourism have the right kind of impact.

Alongside holding degrees in Spanish Language (from UCLA) and the Management of International Tourism (from the Sorbonne), Alex also works with Spanish and French-speaking tourism brands to translate and craft their copy for an English-speaking audience.

Some of Alex’s favorite projects to date have included assisting in the writing of a national tourism policy for Sri Lanka, crafting the script for instructional animations used by the UNDP in Malaysia, writing the copy for a new guest house in Entebbe and tour agency in Kampala, and having a hand in branding the coffee bags for a Colombian startup.

Fueled by coffee and a passionate supporter of all things coffee (he did a research thesis on coffee tourism in Uganda, after all), Alex is proud to support coffee farmers through his Kiva page. Currently, the Passport Creative team has contributed over $5,600 to loans supporting coffee farmers in countries throughout the world.

While Passport Creative is a company of one, it is flexible in its engagement with your own company or organization. Should you be interested in launching a single product, new page of your website, or blog, we can accommodate that. If you need regular, consistent support on a long-term basis, we can arrange a collaboration to support your brand’s development.

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