Starting Passport Creative

Before diving fully into tourism with Passport Creative, I worked as an award-winning producer of live talk shows in Los Angeles.

No matter the guest I was working with - whether it was a billion-dollar brand like Ford or a loyal, long-time viewer of the show celebrating her 80th birthday - they became a part of the show.

Just like you watching. They mattered. You mattered.

It surprised me that when I started working in tourism - first launching a tourism company in Kigali, Rwanda, then at wineries in France - how often the story of these companies didn’t include a “you.”

People are the stars of their own story. It’s our job to help them tell those stories.

And more often than not, the one tool that every tour operator or travel business has at their disposal to help them… was just getting in the way.

Whether it was a broken website, an old website, an expensive one, or just a bland one (or sometimes a combination!), these companies were hurting themselves.

And as I asked more and more, it became clear that there was no easy fix:

  • They couldn’t get a hold of that web design intern who put it together years ago, or their web design firm charged them thousands just to make a simple change
  • They didn’t have a plan for keeping their site fresh and up to date
  • They couldn’t even upload simple changes like a new tour without a major headache

That was the turning point for me. A career of telling stories to help build audiences, only to find an even bigger audience waiting: a worldwide one, who just needs to find out about you.

Why shouldn’t your design team be accessible within 24 hours? So, why shouldn’t they be a part of your marketing efforts, even after your site launches? Why can’t a creative agency put together a creative plan that complements what they’re doing on the website? 

And so, I went in on Passport Creative.

How Passport Creative Works For You

Now as a tourism specialist, I combine my storytelling background with international tourism development experience to help you position your travel & tourism brand.

With my recent experience in tourism - including a Master’s in the Management of International Tourism from the Sorbonne in Paris, multiple projects with international tourism development organizations like the United Nations Development Programme and the International Trade Centre, work with countries like Sri Lanka, Uganda, Myanmar, and more - I work with you to get your brand in front of more tourists.

Passport Creative’s mission is to provide great service from our first call through your travel and tourism website launch and beyond. 

It’s our pleasure to support entrepreneurs throughout the world in achieving their dreams, supporting their communities and growing the tourism industry beyond what it once was. As we move forward together, our vision remains the same: to help you succeed. 

Your website is often the first impression visitors have of the great time they’ll spend with you. With our help, we’ll make that first impression a lasting one. We’ll highlight what makes your business unique, make the information available and easy to access, and place it all within the story you’re telling.


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