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The region is unique because of the various ecosystems that exist within it.
Humphrey Ndungu Tour


Sierra Tarahumara, popularly known as Copper Canyon is situated in Mexico.
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Visitors can fly to Copper Canyon using a tourist visa, which is valid for 180 days.
Have a tourism business that relies on international travelers? You’re only as good as...

Your Story

Travelers can also drive from anywhere in the United States and Unfortunately, most tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs are spending too much time working on their business to focus on that brand. By missing out on the chance to build sparkling brand stories and develop effective content strategies, they’re missing out on a consistent stream of tourists - and revenue.

At Passport Creative, we work with tourism businesses to change that.

With creative content, your compelling story will shine, making you easier to find and even easier to remember. We’ll develop touch-points for the whole Digital Traveler’s Journey. And as your business grows, we’ll create new strategies to continue delivering results.

Why should you trust me?

Hi, I’m Alex. I once worked for 10 years as an award-winning television producer telling stories to audiences of millions. Then I moved to Paris to get a Master’s degree from the Sorbonne in the Management of International Tourism. Since then, I’ve collaborated with organizations like the UNDP and the International Trade Centre on projects for Sri Lanka and Myanmar, worked with tourism entrepreneurs involved in hotels, restaurants, cruises, and tours from East Africa to Australia, and beyond.

And for me, it’s just getting started. Despite the work I’ve done, I’m always learning and developing. That lets us ensure you’ve got the latest, most effective strategies to get your story directly to the right people.

Branded Storytelling + Marketing Strategies


If you’re short on time or resources, we’ll help create your cohesive and coherent online presences through our portfolio of services. 

Branding & Storytelling

In short - what makes you… you! We’ll take you from brand new to a complete brand.

Copywriting & Content Marketing

Speak to your tourist along every step of their Digital Traveler’s Journey to make sure you and your destination are front of mind.


A rising tide lifts all boats. By sharing tourism stories and strategies through free weekly emails, occasional workshops, and paid courses, we’re able to continue developing resources, supporting the industry, and growing together.

We Work with Great Tourism Brands of All Sizes

Over the past few years, it’s been a pleasure to work with a number of driven partners. Our Portfolio showcases not only projects we’ve worked on, but the people and places we’ve been involved with. 

Ready to talk about your project? 

What International Business Owners Are Saying

"Alex has been a great help to our startup growth. We immediately connect with the purpose of the project and when solving such an important challenge, his creativity, knowledge and professionalism have been a key piece to achieve our main objectives. We look forward to working with Alex during the entire project."
Alejo, IndieGrow
"In the midst of our launching a new hotel, and a new restaurant, both of which Alex supported through marketing materials and a social media strategy, he brought his video production skills and communications background to us as we launched our new enterprise, Heaven Tours. By shaping the itineraries, testing routes with guests and guides, and producing videos and marketing content to support this new wing of our business, Alex helped us establish ourselves as a go-to tour company within not just Kigali, but throughout Rwanda as well."
Josh R., Heaven Restaurants

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