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With an emphasis on developing relationships and supporting tourism development efforts throughout the world, Alex brings a deep understanding of the travel sector with an award-winning professional storytelling and writing background.

Travel & Tourism Copywriting for:

Hospitality & Hotel Copywriting

Traveling is about finding your home away from home. Make your guests feel right at home with creatively named rooms, mouthwatering restaurant posts, and descriptions that are more than just “unique.”


Ecommerce & Travel Brands

Traveling means packing just the right things. With copywriting recognized copywriting, we’ll highlight the benefits of your all-in-one backpack, the features of your trail running shoes, and more by appealing to the adventure, excitement, and thrill that traveling sparks.

Destination Management Organizations

Make every potential guest feel like they’re a part of your destination’s story and history with carefully designed content that takes them from dreaming about their next motivation to tagging you on their next trip.


SEO Website Copy

Tourism Branding Copy

Email + Social Copy

By telling your story well, you’ll attract the just-right travelers and tourists to your brand.

Whether you’re developing a new English-language website for a destination that’s internationally renowned or launching your first tour company, Passport Creative is here to develop compelling and cost-effective copy that connects your brand with your ideal customer.

Available on a per-project basis as well as a monthly retainer, our services range from fine-tuning your hotel website’s landing page copy and email campaigns creating monthly strategies and campaigns for blog posts, content, and social media.

Grow your travel-focused business and get more people to your destination with a travel and tourism copywriter who understands the industry.

See how Alex captures the attention of tourists all over the world - and drives them toward projects like yours.

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Creative Refresh

Is your travel site stagnating? Feel like you’ve tried everything?


Refresh your travel & tourism website in just a month with 30 x 10-minute ideas to help tourists find and fall in love you with all over again.

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Tourism & Travel Businesses

Having worked with some of the world’s most recognized tourism organizations and directly with tourism & travel brands, Passport Creative is trusted to create copy that captures their attention and leads them right to you.

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Blackwall Barn & Lodge
Smashing Grapes
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