Helping organizations find their place in the world

Email and Copywriting to Help Your
Organization Find its Place in the World

We’re More Alike Than We Are Different, But Those Differences Can Keep Us Apart.

Language barriers. Cultural divides. Being lost in translation.

These small gaps can keep small businesses from reaching a much-needed international audience.

And if that sounds like you – a business or organization that thrives on international support – then you’ve come to the right place.

Passport Creative is dedicated to helping you make more sales, attract more customers, and be more competitive… with just a few words.

And no, you won’t have to rely on huge ad spends or crazy stunts to stand out.

I’m going to help you be you. You already know your business. You’re living your passion. Let me help you tell that story.

I’ll help you craft short, simple e-mails to make potential customers get to know (and even fall in love with!) your brand, turn those prospects into customers and visitors, and with any luck, get them coming back for more.

Why should you trust me? How can you be so sure my experience will translate into your success?

Well, my producing and scriptwriting efforts over the past decade alone have been seen by millions, helped national shows in the US win awards and been connected to million-dollar campaigns and billion-dollar companies like Ford, Nissan, and Hasbro.


Hi, I’m Alex.

I’m a Copywriter and Producer from California, living in Paris.

Over the years, I’ve launched television shows and networks, a tourism company in Rwanda, and my own small businesses, doing it all with a creative mind for marketing problems.

Most of my clients reach out because they struggle with email, their website, or their social strategy:

  • They send e-mails every other month on random days of the week.
  • They copy and paste their tour itineraries and country information from other sites, thinking that’s enough to attract high-paying tourists
  • They assume having their site in English is enough to convince Americans to visit
  • They’re too hard on themselves and forget what makes them special

But that’s where I can help.

As a producer for live talk shows and a writer for long-form programs, the goal of every interview, segment, and show was the same: to tell a story.

And that’s what we’ll do with your business. With every email, with every post, with every page on your site, we’ll make sure we’re tied into the same vital story that’s the essence of your company, whether you’re leading tours in Kenya, selling coffee from Colombia to the United States or an independent winery in France.

People love stories. And they’re waiting to be a part of yours.

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